Why Don’t We Remaster Monopoly?


As stated in the video above, I am working to create a game Pitch with Jasmyn Connell, Harrison East and Nathan Rathsam. Each of us are responsible for constructing our own aspects of the presentation, this is while sharing our progress with the group to gain feedback and improve.

A couple examples of this are:

  • How I’ve shifted the rules to fit within the market research prepared by Jasmyn so that the structure of the game is more receptible to that audience while not alienate other possible players.
  • I’ve helped Nathan with design aspects by showing the model used for playtesting of the cards and also making suggestions to the design of the game box/logo.

Before the presentation of our pitch, we are going to keep developing ideas and establishing elements that make our game stand out. I plan to focus further into comparable games and companies that would be a distribution network for the finished product. This is also while working on terminology that best explains the game mechanic and theme, for example I’m using the “duality of token” to explain the way the tokens in the game are positive and negative at the same time.

For links to the games and experiment mentioned in the video, click below:

Balloon Risk-Aversion Experiment (this link shows an iPad example, but the best example can be found on the Netflix show, 100 humans)

Black Jack/21 (I am not encouraging gambling with this example)


Cards Against Humanity

Each of my team members are contributing to the project heavily and it wouldn’t be as amazing without everyone’s help.

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